An All Female Elimination Chamber Believed to Be in the Works

WWE may have just fleeced us all with a "Bait and Switch" of epic proportions.

An all-female Royal Rumble has been rumored for months and the sudden addition of 6 female Superstars during Thanksgiving week appeared to all but finalize a women's Rumble. However, there's another multi-wrestler match that the women of WWE have yet to have: an Elimination Chamber match.

According to Wrestling Sheet Radio, WWE is considering a women's Elimination Chamber match for the February 25th, Las Vegas, NV show. The event would be the last RAW only pay-per-view before April's WrestleMania. Needless to say, the math would likely have WrestleMania implications.

This comes on the heel of Kurt Angle spilling the bean on WWE's potential plans for such a match. When asked during Facebook Live chat if fans would ever see the Women's Championship defended in an Elimination Chamber Angle replied “Patience. You will."

While it would be fun to have both a women's Rumble and a women's Elimination Chamber, this is likely an either/or situation. While the Rumble has been heavily rumored, WWE may be a year away from being able to execute it properly. Since the Rumble is a pillar of WWE, the women deserve a proper build-up to the show. As of now, we have only had whispers and the show looms just a mere 2 months away. However, with the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view still a quarter of a year away, WWE officials should have time to build the match.


Even more, an Elimination Chamber match would require significantly fewer participants. Traditionally those matches use 6 WWE Superstars compared the 30 in the Rumble. For WWE to fill a Rumble match, they'd have to call upon multiple retired wrestlers as well as drain NXT just to reach the quota. In short, WWE is better built of the Chamber at this moment.

We'll get our women's Royal Rumble one day.