Why Starrcade Was the Biggest Night of Goldust's Career

While Saturday night's Starrcade technically was a WWE production, the show really belonged to Dusty Rhodes and his family. Since Goldust was the only representative of the prestigious gene pool, it was the Bizarre One who got to soak in all of the nostalgic goodness from the Greensboro Coliseum.

The 48-year old Goldust wrestled as Dustin "The Natural" Rhodes last night as he forwent his patented glitter and gold for an old school outfit. His alternative wardrobe was fitting given the historical significance of the show. For Goldust, it was all in the name of paying homage to his iconic father at the show he created long ago.

After the emotional evening, Goldust spoke with WWE.

"My nerves, I was shaking. It was just like 'oh god, I don't want to let anybody down. Here I am over -- thank you, Daniel Bryan, for letting me come over here to SmackDown to do this Starrcade show, I really appreciate it," he said.

He'd go on to open up about his one-time entrance, one that he himself admitted wasn't for aesthetics.

"It was an incredible experience to come out in my Goldust outfit but then it bust into the old Natural Dustin Rhodes theme song, which is just hideous. It's awful, it's an awful piece of music. But it's what I used to come to the ring to a long time ago and the people responded to it when I took off the robe and I had Dustin Rhodes stuff on, which was very cool," he explained.

The future WWE Hall of Famer would get choked up as he tried to illustrate just how much Saturday meant to him.


"I'm very lucky, very blessed to be in the family that I'm in. The Rhodes Family has a pretty damn serious pedigree and legacy. And I will do my very very best to uphold it as long as I can. My brother Cody, to uphold it as long as we can. And to make everybody proud and love the Rhodes family. It was very special to me tonight. Right now, as it stands, it can't be topped," said Goldust.

It's great to see that Goldust has such a poignant experience. Given the decades of exceptional performance, Goldust is all-too worthy of nice things like Starcadd happening to him. Congrats, Goldy!