WWE Wrestler Loses His Day Job

This past week, Spirit Squad member, Kenny, gave new meaning to the phrase, "don't quit your day job," when he was fired from his job as a non-profit charity director due to missing too much work for wrestling. Unfortunately for the former tag team champion, the WWE has yet to sign him to a full contract.

Our friends at Pro Wrestling Sheet are reporting that Dykstra completely understood the decision and decided that giving his dream of becoming a WWE superstar one more chance was worth the risk.

Kenny returned to the ring last month to interfere in the life of his former Spirit Squad teammate, Dolph Ziggler. Since then, the Squad have become reoccurring characters on Smackdown LIVE, acting on behalf of The Miz.


Would you quit your day job for a chance to follow your dream? Let us know if you're happy to see The Spirit Squad back on WWE TV.