WWE Exec Claims Vince Russo Wanted To Retire The Undertaker

The Undertaker laid his legendary career to rest at WrestleMania 33, but if one former WWE writer would've had his way, it might have happened 15 years ago.

On the latest edition of WWE's Table For Three, controversial wrestling minds, Eric Bischoff, Jim Cornette and Michael Hayes sat down to discuss the business they've had such a hand in forming. The one thing they all could agree on was how much they despised former WWE/WCW writer, Vince Russo.

The conversation has since spilled over to Twitter where WWE's Michael Hayes claims Russo wanted to retire the Undertaker. We assume this would have been during Taker's run as the American Bad Ass in 02 when Russo was also with the company.

Russo played a huge part in helping WWE win the Monday Night Wars during the Attitude Era, but when he came back to the WWE in 2002, he was quickly demoted from Head of Creative to Consultant. He would leave the company months later.

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Russo has been on record for having great respect for Taker, but on an episode of his podcast last year stated that he found out Taker did not particularly like him during their time together.

"I found out through Terry Taylor that I had a little bit of heat with Taker. Terry said to me 'he told me he always asked him to work when he was hurt. You used to expect him to work when he was hurt.' That really hurt me, I respected the Undertaker more than anyone else. I would never in my wildest dreams ask somebody to work a match if they were hurt. I said 'with all due respect, Taker never told me he was hurt.'"

Someone asked former WCW President and WWE GM, Eric Bischoff, what he thought of Russo's constant bashing of the current WWE product and Bischoff did not hold back.


Thankfully, Taker was not forced out in 2002 as his career still had some of his most legendary matches ahead of him.

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