Vince McMahon Returns on SmackDown to Confront Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens opened SmackDown Live, reiterating that Shane McMahon's attack on him last week was unjust and unacceptable. He said that he is suing everyone at WWE, which will result in SmackDown being renamed the Kevin Owens Show. He said he'd have to go about firing some people, noting that Sami Zayn would be first to go (the two had a brief backstage interaction later in the show).

Owens went on and said Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton would have to wear the same suit, two guys in one suit, since they sound the same on TV and might as well be the same person too (that was funny). Next, Owens said the Fashion Files would be cancelled forever. Then he said that before he went any further, there's someone he needs to speak to. Owens called out Mr. McMahon.

Instead of Vince, Shane McMahon's theme hit. Owens protested until Dolph Ziggler came out dressed as Shane as Owens laughed. He said that at first he actually thought Dolph was Shane but it turns out he's an "actually talented person who actually works here."

As Owens began to speak again, Daniel Bryan's theme came on. He said that he had to break it to Owens that he doesn't run the show tonight, he does. At that point, Bryan said the fun and games are going to end "very, very soon." Owens told him that's okay, Bryan will be the janitor on the Kevin Owens Show. Bryan said that he's not opposed to hard work and manual labor, saying perhaps Kevin should try it. Ouch.

Bryan told Owens that Vince will be there very soon and he won't like what he has to say. Owens said that Vince won't like what he has to say either.

Later on, the final segment of the show finally featured McMahon's return. Owens once again made his entrance to the ring, looked toward the titantron, and Vince's theme came on (No Chance!). McMahon strolled out like only he can, and we've got to say he looked very good. That hair game is on point, Vince!

Owens lamented about what an honor it is to stand in the same ring as Vince for the first time. He said he could feel what everyone before him has felt; he said Vince is intimidated. Vince said he was nauseated.

Vince went into talking about how his son Shane was "beating your ass" last week. Owens argued he didn't fight back because he was respecting authority. McMahon said, "When you look in the mirror how do you have any respect at all?" (Double ouch).

McMahon then went into talking about what would happen if Owens actually filed his lawsuit. He said the minute that he does he would be fired. So he dared him to file a lawsuit, and Vince asked Owens if he had any idea how many lawsuits he has been in? Vince then said he has never lost a lawsuit (Jesse Ventura?) and that the laws of this land are written for people like him (wow, what a babyface!). He said that by the time the lawsuit actually gets to court, there would be a "B" next to Kevin's name for "bankrupt," unlike the "B" next to his own name for "billionaire."

Vince then explained that he suspended Shane because he "didn't finish the job." Because he didn't "kick your ass so hard that your bowels would be plopped all over the floor." Well, that got out of hand quickly.

McMahon said Owens got what he deserved for disparaging the McMahon family. He announced he would reinstate Shane and also announced there is going to be a match between Owens and Shane in a Hell In A Cell match at the PPV.

Owens asked for a promise that he would not be fired after beating McMahon senseless. Vince agreed and the two shook hands. As they continued to hold hands, McMahon visibly started to talk trash to Owens until Owens headbutted him. Vince was busted open from the move and bled from the forehead.

Owens responded by saying "You just gave your word that I can beat a McMahon senseless."


Vince fought back and quickly received a right hand from Owens. A referee then ran out to try to get him to leave, but Owens then delivered a kick to Vince's stomach. Two more referees came out (no security guards?) and Owens delivered a superkick to McMahon. Owens then went to the top rope as WWE agent Adam Pearce ran out to protect Vince, yelling at him on the top rope to get down. It didn't matter as Owens nailed a frogsplash on Vince. That was just insanity.

Medical staffthen came out as Owens slowly made his exit. Stephanie McMahon walked out behind him, gave him a dirty look, and then went to her father's side. The show closed with Vince slowly trying to make his way up the ramp and falling to his knees grasping at his ribs.