How Vince McMahon May Have Broken His Own $100,000 Rule on SmackDown

For about 10 years now, the act of "blading" has been prohibited in WWE. Thanks to the PG Era and WWE's commitment to keeping a softer image, wrestlers are no longer allowed to cut themselves or "blade" in order to dramatically add blood to their matches.

Due to the nature of their occupation, wrestlers still do bleed from time to time. In the wrestling world, the instance of getting busted open by a firm punch or a snug run into a ring post is called "hard way." WWE would like you to believe that Kevin Owens' head butt on Vince McMahon on SmackDown drew blood the natural and hard way. But that may not be the case.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon illegally bladed before his segment with Kevin Owens. Meltzer cites sources within WWE that Vince covered the wound with Nu-Skin which would temporarily stop the bleeding. So when Kevin Owens sent his head crashing into the 72-year old McMahon's the reservoir was broken and the blood came pouring.

So while WWE would like you to think that Kevin Owens assault lead to Vince bleeding, it was likely one big magic trick. However, if this is indeed the case, it's quite the display of hypocrisy.

As mentioned, blading is illegal in WWE. This is something that Batista actually tested back in 2008. In a cage match with Chris Jericho, Batista took it upon himself to bypass WWE's no blood decree and slice open his own forehead. His stunt would cost him a $100,000 fine levied by none other than Vince McMahon.

This is quite the double standard, but we can only hold McMahon accountable so much. Since WWE is entirely his company, he can do as he pleases. While USA Network may not be thrilled by the bloodshed, we can guess that McMahon and WWE have the benefit of the doubt given their multiple decade relationships with USA.

Even if the USA wanted to raise a fuss, McMahon could easily say that the headbutt tore open his all too delicate 72-year old flesh. "I'm just an old man!" he'd say.

So don't expect anyone to be reprimanded the Chairman of WWE. Even further, the segment worked like a charm as Kevin Owns has never been on this elevated of a stage. Who knew assaulting a senior citizen could be so good for one's career?




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