Update on Paige's WWE Return

To say the least, 2017 has been a challenging year for WWE Superstar Paige. The 2-time Women's Champion has had a rough go, from injury and suspensions to x-rated personal hacks and domestic disturbances.

But a return to her old life, one where she was just a WWE Superstar, may be on the way for the Anti-Diva. At a recent charity bowling event in San Antonio, a local reporter, Chelsey Hernadez asked Paige about her current standing with WWE:

"Hopefully within the next couple of months, fingers crossed. We have to see... Now I have to get cleared by WWE doctors. We'll see!"

The "next couple" of months sounds promising, indeed. We haven't seen Paige in a WWE ring for nearly a year. While her suspensions and neck injury has played a significant role in her absence, she would be a welcome addition to either the RAW or SmackDown roster.

That seems to be the sentiment of Jim Ross, who, in a recent blog post, cited his enthusiasm for the potential of Paige returning to WWE.

"I've got no dog in the hunt on this matter, but since many have asked me about this I'll simply say that I'd love to see Paige back in the WWE competing with the talented, women's roster that's in place. Paige has incredible skills and I only hope that this potential opportunity to resume her career in WWE when she's healthy is taken seriously by all involved," Ross wrote.

"There is nowhere else in the world for women wrestlers to do better financially than in WWE. Plus there is no better time to be a women's wrestler than now in @WWE," he added.

Wrestling internet sensei, Dave Meltzer recently answered a fan's question about Paige's WWE return:

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 3.29.22 PM
(Photo: WWE)

It's been over a month since Meltzer's ominous reply, and Paige has only gotten closer to jail, not the wrestling ring. Her perpetual episode with former WWE Superstar, Alberto El Patron seems to only escalate in severity. Last month the two were in a public altercation in Orlando's airport that saw police get involved. While no charges have been pressed, some cringe-worthy audio was captured of their tussle. For the incident, El Patron now finds himself stripped of the GFW Championship.

For Paige, her career is starting to show signs of life. Let's hope to see her sooner rather than later.