Update On Enzo's Mystery Attacker On RAW

One of Raw's unsolved mysteries from last night was who attacked the realest G in the room, Enzo Amore. Big Cass and a group of medics tried to find out who left Zo laid out in the backstage area, literally knocked out of his Jordans, but no clues were left behind.

Cass told Raw GM, Kurt Angle, that he better find out who it is before Cass does. Well, it looks like a sleuth WWE fan on Twitter may have already cracked the case.

In a segment that followed the beatdown, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder were seen escaping the shadowy scene behind Charly Caruso's interview.

The Revival were on a hot streak since debuting on Raw, picking up big wins over The New Day. Sadly, the momentum was cut short when Dash had to have his broken jaw wired shut. Neither Dash or Dawson have commented on the issue on their Twitter, but having them randomly jump teams until their return is an absolutely brilliant way to build back for their eventual return.

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Enzo and Cass have completely stalled out since their hot debut last year. A feud with The Revival would be a good direction for them, but at some point, we have to think Cass will grow tired of taking up for his pal and forge a solo path of his own.

The WWE clearly loves the duo as a team, but Vince has never been shy about pushing his giants to the top of the card. Cass may be a little too green to get there now, but it likely won't be too long until he gets his own run. He is 7ft tall and that is something you can not teach.


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