Update on Big Show's Injury and Future

Last week, news broke that Big Show was scheduled to miss time for a hip surgery. The planned operation was pushed back to due to the copious amounts of damaging hurricanes in America. This extra time gave Big Show an opportunity to open up about the injury.

Big Show sat down with WWE.com to discuss not only what the injury is, but how it happened.

"I have to have the hip resurfaced. There's been some traumatic injury done to the hip in the match with Braun Strawman. It's frustrating as hell to be in the best shape I've been in my career, but that match, I kind of put a lot out on the table and I'm paying the price for it now," he explained. "Going forward, I'm very confident in the medical team that's doing the surgery … we're gonna go forward from there and see what my options are."

According to Show, it was this fateful moment that exacerbated his hip injury.

"Yeah. I definitely knew because [Braun's finishing move] was the icing on the cake. I took [the Running Powerslam] and he drove my pelvis into the mat, and I really felt it there," he revealed. It sucked all the energy right out of me. It's like taking a battery and draining it immediately when he hit me with it. I didn't even have the energy to raise my arms," he said"

The World's Largest Athlete noted that even though the pain was bad, he was still elevated from being in front of an audience.

"Going through the cage and when I hit, I knew something was wrong, but there's a lot of fans there, there's lights there, you don't want to wallow and cry and flop around and make a big scene. I was trying to be cool about it, but it was very hard for me to put weight on my foot and my hip," he said.


The hip is a crucial point of mobility for any human, but especially so for one, that's over 7 feet tall. This could very well spell the end for Big Show in WWE. While no one has mentioned as much, the writing may be on the wall. Big Show likely wants (and should be capable of) one more match, but his last one with Braun Strowmn was pretty spectacular.

Here's to a speedy recovery for Big Show!