Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Comment on Rich Swann's WWE Status

It's been a month since former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann was arrested down in Florida, and he hasn't been seen or mentioned on WWE television since.

During a panel at the Television Critics Association Winter Tour on Tuesday, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon finally commented on the situation.

"We are just waiting on legal," Triple H said, according to "We have a zero tolerance policy on that, as you've seen, so he's suspended until it is determined legally one way or the other."

"And if he's convicted, he will be released," Stephanie added.

"Immediately," Triple H added.

Swann was arrested back on Dec. 10 on simple battery and false imprisonment charges after an altercation with his wife, fellow wrestler Vannarah Riggs (ring name Su Yung). He was released a day later, but not before WWE swiftly released a statement suspending him indefinitely.

Swann's attorney Ian M. Pickens released a statement several days later, saying "At this point, no criminal charges have been filed officially against him so depending on how that process plays out will determine our scope of representation. We're hopeful for a fair and quick resolution on behalf of Mr. Swann, but ultimately the state attorney will make their decision (on potential charges) when they deem it appropriate."

There hasn't been an update since regarding legal charges against Swann (he denies ever being physical with his wife), but based on her Facebook activity Riggs has forgiven him for the incident.

Photo: Twitter / @OfficialTCA