Triple H Gives Big Hint Concerning Ronda Rousey’s WWE Arrival

For several months, WWE and Ronda Rousey made concerted efforts to play coy about their relationship. Fans were reluctant to believe their denials, and now it looks like WWE is ready to end the pretense.

The sentiment among the WWE universe is that Rousey will make her WWE debut Jan. 28 at the Royal Rumble. While there has yet to be any confirmation, Triple H may have just dropped a big hint.

The Blast caught up with Triple H at a Make-A-Wish celebration on Monday and fired a question about the UFC star coming to WWE.

"I will tell you this. Stay tuned," said Triple H.

While this may seem open to interpretation, this marks the most transparent moment in the Rousey/WWE saga. In short, it's now acceptable to hold our breaths for a Rousey Rumble appearance.

Rousey began actually in-ring training a few months ago and that was after she was incessantly implicated in WWE rumors this summer. Even more, Rousey actually was involved in a backstage segment with Charlotte Fair, Becky Lynch and Bayley has she issued an imminent challenge bu saying "You name the time, you name the place."

Originally it appeared that Rousey and the Four Horsewomen of MMA would take on Flair and the Four Horsewomen of WWE at Survivor Series. That concept was put on ice, though, and is still believed to be set for WrestleMania. However, there are also rumors that imply Rousey may be destined to face Stephanie McMahon or Charlotte Flair at the at the April 8th New Orleans mega show.


Barring something unforeseen, Ronda Rousey will be a WWE Superstar. For Vince McMahon and CO., this is nothing less than a coup. In the same way Brock Lesnar legitimized the men's wrestling, Rousey will add an undeniable element of reality to the women's division. But perhaps Rousey's most marketable attribute is her star power. As much as NXT stars like Asuka or Ruby Riott can be hyped up, Rousey joining WWE will immediately penetrate pop culture. For WWE, access to new fans, even if temporary, is a near priceless opportunity.

We will keep you updated as this story develops, but anticipate the next chapter to center around Rousey finally showing up on WWE cameras.