Titus O'Neil, Other WWE Superstars, Comment on Hysterical Greatest Royal Rumble Blunder

While the Greatest Royal Rumble has supplied several talking points, its most memorable moment belong to Titus O'Neil's cataclysmic tumble.

Some failures cannot go unaddressed and to O'Neils' credit, he's doing his best roll with the punches. He posted the following message in the wake of his Saudi Arabian crash landing.

"It was AT THIS MOMENT....💡💡💡

My @WWE #WWEGGR Idea For The Greatest Royal Rumble Moment was Born 💡 @WWEShop Get That MERCH ready!!! I'm about to slide....These extra Checks right into the bank😎," he wrote.

His epic display of clumsiness has the wrestling world wetting themselves and guys like Matt Hardy and Batista couldn't resist commenting on Titus' infamous moment.

Instead of mockery, Woken Matt offered a theory on what actually made Titus trip.

"Happy Day of Birth to the VESSEL of the TREMENDOUS @TitusONeilWWE..

Don't be fooled-Brother Michael was attempting to SLIDE into the Jeddah WORMHOLE PORTAL which leads directly to The Hardy Compound..#BROKEN Matt would love to meet #TATTERED Titus.."

Dave Bautista also had a thought to share.

"@TitusONeilWWE Bruh! Enough already! We get it! You're super freaky athletic! You don't have to keep rubbing it in! A lot of people worked really hard for that match and for you to come along and steal the show with your superior athletic ability isn't cool😳... is this working?"


Such a public administering of the Law of Gravity commands attention, and while Titus would love to take a mulligan at his ring entry, at least he's laughing with us.

His fall brought the Greatest Royal Rumble to a screeching halt as WWE's announced team of Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves could not contain themselves. For several minutes the trio sputtered remarks while mostly cracking up at what they had just seen. It was the perfect reminder that WWE is always live and as Vince McMahon will tell you, anything can happen on live TV.