Titus Worldwide Adds LL Cool J

Not long ago, Titus Worldwide found itself with a decent amount of momentum. Akira Tozawa was Cruiserweight Champion, Apollo Crews while not wrestling, was at least on camera, and they appeared to add their first female member, in Dana Brooke.

However, all of that hard earned capital was washed away after Tozawa lost his Championship gold in 6 days time at SummerSlam. Ever since, the group finds itself all but missing from WWE.

Yet, as the unrelenting patriarch, Titus has made a splash. Yesterday at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Titus announced that hip hop in and actor LL Cool J had become the brand's newest member. Less significantly was the LA Rams' mascot, Rampage, who is also part of the group.

It's worth noting that Darren Young was in the frame as well. As the former tag team partner of Titus, Young joining Titus Worldwide would seem like a foregone conclusion. Young has missed most of 2017 with an elbow injury. His health now and is competing at non-televised shows.

As for LL Cool J, he may show up on WWE cameras. He's no stranger to WWE has made several appearances as a guest for the company. Don't be too surprised if he makes a cameo on behalf of Titus Worldwide.

The Brand is in the need of some resuscitation as their most recent Champion, Tozawa, finds himself in the backseat of 205 Live. The addition of Enzo Amore has hijacked the entire division as he now finds himself challenging for Neville's Cruiserweight Championship at No Mercy.

It'd be nice to see WWE invest some energy in the sputtering faction. The trio of Crews, Tozawa and O'Neil have been fun to watch as they possess a charming enthusiasm. Maybe all they need is just a few seconds on camera with LL Cool J to get going again. Or even better, maybe Tozawa and Crews become a tag team.


We'll see what happens but for now, Titus Worldwide can celebrate their victory of locking down a legend of the weekend.