The Rock Embarrasses Comedian Who Reminded Him That Wrestling Is 'Fake'

A lot of people don't "get" professional wrestling. Comedian Ben Pobjie is one of those folks. In fact, Pobjie was so jaded that he decided he'd make an example of The Rock. Pobjie would find out just how real wrestling can get.

Before last night's TLC, The Rock tweeted out his best wishes and congratulations to his old running mate Kurt Angle. Pobjie, in all of his infinite wisdom, thought this marked the perfect time to teach the Rock a little something.

Did Pobjie not expect the Rock to respond? Did he not know that Rock is one of the most vigilant users of social media on this planet? Was he unaware that the Rock literally made a living off of insulting people? Clearly not.

Haters of professional wrestling love to remind actual fans that wrestling is fake. These wretched people truly believe that revealing the unspoken truth, that their poignant insight, will relieve us of our professional wrestling obsessions. They genuinely think that they are helping society by telling another adult that wrestling Santa Claus isn't real.

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So, sure wrestling is fake. It has to be. If it were real and those punches were all landing flush, then wrestlers' shelf life would be no longer than a few months. What kind of sadist wants to see that?

Wrestling is storytelling, which actually makes it even "faker." However, its quest for narrative is no different than the Netflix shows we binge watch or even the news we rely on. Wrestling is entertainment, and if someone tells you that what you like is dumb, you then have the freedom the give them a swift Ric Flair chop across their pretentious sternum.


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