The Rock Explains Why He Didn't Team With Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania

There were rumors that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would appear at WrestleMania 34 right up until the show started this year.

Reports of a possible appearance by The Rock first started circulating a couple of months ago when word leaked that he might be teaming with Ronda Rousey in a tag team match against Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. When that match eventually turned to a Rousey and Kurt Angle team, another report circulated that The Rock might be involved in a musical segment with Elias.

As it turns out, The Rock was indeed once slated to be Rousey's partner at WrestleMania. That's not surprising given the fact that one only needs to look back at WrestleMania 31 to see that a Rousey and Rock pairing would have made the most sense, as that was the match the company started hinting at three years ago. Unfortunately, the two sides couldn't work it out due to a scheduling conflict and Angle (no slouch of a team team partner himself) stepped in to team with Rousey.

"Matter of fact, Vince McMahon and I were talking about two months ago trying to figure out what I was going to do if I went back to WrestleMania," The Rock told KISS FM UK. "He pitched me this really great idea that I'd get involved in a tag match with Ronda Rousey who is of course incredible and I'm very proud of her."

He continued, "We couldn't make it work this time because I was in Shanghai. But, who knows down line?"


As it turns out, Rousey and Angle ended up having arguably the best match of the night at WrestleMania 34 against Triple H and McMahon. There's no doubt that someone as talented as The Rock could have stepped in and produced just as good of a match, but his eventual WWE return will have to wait.

The good news for WWE fans is that Rock left open a possible WWE return in this interview, so it looks like we could see "The Most Electrifying Man in Entertainment" in the ring at least one more time down the line.