Is the Rock Removing His Famed Brahma Bull Tattoo?

Only the most prominent athletes and entertainers get their own logo. For the Rock, his is most certainly the Brahma Bull. Even further, it's a Brahma Bull doing the trademarked People's Eyebrow. It's a symbol so tightly associated with the Rock, that the icon actually has it tattooed on his right bicep.

Or at least he did.

Yesterday the Rock posted a video to Instagram which featured him sitting down for an alteration on his famous ink. Citing personal evolution, Rocky seems pretty confident about his decision:

"This is officially the evolution of the bull, something that is very meaningful to me. It's become iconic, I've been very grateful, over the years. What it's meant to me, and certainly what it's meant to people all over the world … The mana is very, very strong in the room. We talked for hours and hours and hours of what this means, the evolution, what it means, how it reflects me as a man. So here we go."

However, in a video from August 2nd, it looks like Rock already had the work done to the bull. While this is likely insignificant unless Rock gets involved in a time sensitive murder mystery, it adds an odd kink to the story.


Maybe it's a Jumanji tattoo. Maybe it's a portrait of him pinning Steve Austin at WrestleMania 19. Aside from strange lapses in time, Rocky is pretty good at social media. One day, we'll all know what his new tattoo is.