Survivor Series Predictions On This Week's Over The Ropes

Whose music is that? Could it be? Oh, baw gawd! It is! Just in time for WWE's 30th annual Survivor Series, is going Over The Ropes.

That's right, every week our squared circle savant, Torri Yates Orr, aka The Ultimate Torrior, will be bringing you the biggest news from the world of professional wrestling.

This week, all the focus of the wrestling world is on the Survivor Series, where Fantasy Warfare JUST GOT REAL! Or wait, did it already get real? I'm confused as to when exactly it becomes real, but you can bet all eyes will be on the WWE when WCW legend, Goldberg, returns to the ring for the first time in over a decade to take on the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lessssssssssssnarrrrrrr!

Check out our first episode to find out who Torri thinks will come out on top of all of this Sunday's biggest matches.

Let us know how our predictions stack up with yours in the comments section and come back right here to this Sunday for our live blog of the 2016 Survivor Series!


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