Steve Austin Tries to Stop Fan From Getting 'Broken Skull' Tattoo on His Face

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin hopped on Twitter on Sunday to a bizarre message from one of his fans.

Twitter user @NerdxFerguson (going by Bryan) posted a photo of a tattoo outline of Austin's Broken Skull logo. Fans getting tattoos of their favorite wrestlers is nothing new, except this one was drawn on his forehead!

"Forgive me father for I know not what I do," Bryan wrote as he tagged Austin.

The six-time WWF champion and WWE Hall of Famer quickly tried to talk him out of it.

Bryan hasn't responded to Austin's plea, but his request quickly caused other Twitter users to throw in their opinion.

Some what Bryan to go ahead and get the giant "Stone Cold" skull on his forehead.

While others think Bryan should listen to the wrestling legend.


Hopefully Bryan is happy with whatever decision he makes!