Possible Spoiler for Tonight's RAW Tag Team Championship Match

When Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose became RAW Tag Team Champions at SummerSlam, the WWE Universe collectively believed they'd hold the titles forever. But when they randomly lost them on a RAW before Survivor Series, our vision was officially dead. However, new information suggests they may reclaim their gold.


A report from Cagesideseats claims that Rollins and Ambrose are expected to win back the RAW Tag Team Championships from Cesaro and Sheamus at tonight's RAW. While this still only a rumor, it's one that sounds all too imminent.

Now that Reigns is the Intercontinental Champion, it's time for Ambrose and Rollins to get their trophies back. We already knew that the Shield was WWE's most dominant force, but if they corner the market on WWE titles, then they look that much more impressive.

Rollins and Ambrose's partnership has been great for WWE as not only have they endeared themselves to fans, but they served as the impetus for a full Shield reunion. While the addition of Roman Reigns has been marred by his viral infection, the Shield homecoming has been effective, to say the least.


There's thought that all of this is leading to a Rollins vs. Ambrose WrestleMania match, and it certainly looks like WWE is at least keeling that in mind. One the du is Champions again, the table will be set for a potential heel turn (likely from Ambrose). While we're still a few months from that backstabbing, just understand that it will be happening at some point before the New Orleans mega show.

Rollins and Ambrose rivalry vs. The Bar has quietly become one of the best programs of 2017. If Cesaro and Sheamus are to drop the belts tonight, let's hope that they remain together as a team. The pair of veterans has been delightful to watch as they are clearly having heaps of fun at this point in their career.