The Royal Rumble Just Ruined Sheamus' Birthday

In a perfect world, nothing would ever go wrong on our birthdays. But for his 40th birthday, Sheamus just endured a catastrophe.

Upon making his big birthday entrance at Sunday's Royal Rumble, Sheamus thought he'd troll the contest's biggest loser, Heath Slater. But in his choice to pick on the meek, Sheamus found himself on the wrong side of karma.

After tossing Slater in the ring, (he had been beaten down by every passerby) Sheamus made his official entry into the Rumble. But Slater was ready for his moment and clotheslined Sheamus just as he set foot in the ring. At 2.25 seconds, that gave Sheamus the fast elimination in Rumble history! Happy Birthday!


Twitter was happy to join in on the fun: