WWE Rumor: Shane McMahon Gets Surprising WrestleMania Opponent

Shane McMahon's WrestleMania match is a budding WWE tradition and this year's opponent may have already been chosen.

A podcast, Backstage in WWE with Brad Shepard and Jon Fisher, claims that Shane's WrestleMania dancing partner will be Dolph Ziggler. Citing a source behind WWE walls, this is apparently a new development.

Ziggler vs. Shane, while random, is hardly a bad idea. For nearly a year, Shane has been butting heads exclusively with Kevin Owens and it appeared a WrestleMania blowoff involving Sami Zayn a maybe Daniel Bryan was destined to manifest. However, that angle has cooled as of late, perhaps to make room for Ziggler. If this is indeed the plan, look for something dramatic to transpire between Shane and Dolph at Sunday's Fastlane pay-per-view.

Dolph has never had a singles match that WrestleMania, so for his first to be Shane McMahon is quite the coup. We can't help but think a juicy opportunity like this stems from his freshly signed WWE contract. Reports said that Ziggler would be extended enviable privileges in his new deal and a high profile 'Mania match may be one of the first clauses.

Ziggler vs. Shane fits in the WrestleMania crossword puzzle, because earlier this week, a story broke claiming that they both will compete in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal in New Orleans.


Given that Shane is arguably the top babyface on SmackDown, look for Ziggler to play a similar role as AJ Styles did in his WrestleMania 33 feud with Shane-O-Mac. Although Ziggler has floated around WWE's mid-card for years, few would deny his in-ring talent. As a 2-time World Champion, WWE has shown their willingness to get behind him and a main event run for Ziggler may be in the cards.

Regardless, this is exciting news, even if it proves to just be speculative. We'll keep you posted at is develops