Shane McMahon Has Harsh Message For AJ Styles During SmackDown

Shane McMahon and AJ Styles attempted to bury the hatchet on SmackDown Live. Instead of shaking hands and moving on, though, McMahon made a threat and ended up eating a superkick for his effort.

Styles and McMahon went over what happened on last week's show, where Styles accidentally hit Shane with a pele kick. Shane explained that he didn't hold it against AJ. He said he was inserted into the match because he can take some physical punishment and still see the match through to the finish.

He then went on and told AJ that if he puts his hands on him again, though, he'll have no problem retaliating and putting his own hands "all over" Styles' body.

This started a confrontational portion of the segment where AJ wanted to know, "man to man," if Shane was going to be out for revenge during the match.

Shane attempted to explain himself, and then waited...and waited....and turned to look at production...and waited...until someone from the sound department finally started Kevin Owens' theme song. That was awkward.

Kevin Owens made his way to the ring and maintained that he is an innocent bystander. He explained to Shane that he's not so sure that what happened with AJ last week was an accident. Further, he says that if anything physical happens during the match from his own end, it would be an accident. He tried to shake hands with McMahon; Shane says that would be inappropriate and instructed him to shake his opponent's hand instead.

Kevin extended his hand to Styles, but it broke down into trash talking and accusations. Eventually they got into a fight. Styles went to punch Owens, but Owens ducked and Styles almost nailed Shane. He stopped just in time and Styles and McMahon got into a heated argument. At that point, Owens looked to take advantage by going for a superkick. Instead, AJ ducked and he nailed Shane with the kick.

AJ said something to Shane as he regained his wits and the segment concluded. So Shane now has heat with both guys going into SummerSlam. This was a really well done segment.