WATCH: Seth Rollins Curb Stomps the Miz After RAW 25 Goes off the Air

While some fans may have loved RAW 25, there was plenty who thought the show was a three-hour disappointment. In particular, those at the Manhattan Center felt like their portion of the party was a waste of time and money. So, WWE gave them a Curb Stomp for their troubles.

The Miz showed up at the intimate venue to a hero's welcome after WWE turned off their cameras. However, after cutting one of his routinely conceited promos, the fans were ready to be done with the new Intercontinental Champion. So when Seth Rollins showed up, the Miz's fate was sealed. Rollins would prove that the Curb Stomp is here to stay by delivering it to the Miz's skull to the delight of the Manhattan Center audience.

While it appeared to be the case last week, it's nice to see that the Curb Stomp has made a permanent return. Seth Rollins just isn't the same guy without it.

However, he and his illustrious Curb Stomp made an appearance, and it may have come in the nick of time.

Multiple reports from Twitter indicated that the Manhattan Center's audience turned sour on RAW's 25th Anniversary. They may have a good reason, too. Outside of an odd Undertaker promo and a forgettable match between Bray Wyatt and Woken Matt Hardy, WWE has totally ignored their old venue. To put it simply, RAW lasted 3 hours, and about 10 minutes of it have been at the Manhattan Center.


While there have been other matches, the experience does not look like it was worth the price of admission. The disgruntled fans at the intimate venue figured out that they were at the inferior show and were not afraid to vocalize their disappointment.