Seth Rollins Takes DQ Loss, Then Guitar to Spine on RAW

The good news is that Seth Rollins is still Intercontinental Champion. The bad news is that he'll be picking splinters out of his back for a week.

After Jinder Mahal smacked Seth Rollins with a steel chair for the second consecutive RAW, the Kingslayer decided he'd had enough. Instead of sportsmanship, Rollins opted for weaponry and attacked both Mahal and Sunil Singh. This flash of violence earned him a disqualification, followed by a rebellious pose on the RAW announce table.

But that's where things turned sour.

Right as Rollins began to bask in "Burn it Down" chants, Elias bashed him with his infamous instrument. The attack sent Rollins flying and WWE medical personal running. Rollins was placed on a stretcher but was able to walk off with help of WWE officials.

Per Elias' sneak attack, we can safely bet that he and Rollins will meet at Money in the Bank on June 17. Nothing is official, but WWE is clearly telling a story between these two.

Rollins and Mahal's match was set up last week after the latter attacked both Roman Reigns and Rollins with a barrage of chair shots. Mahal and Reigns are set for a summer-long collision course, so pitting him against a Shield comrade in Rollins was an easy way to keep the feud rolling.

Until Monday's attack, Seth Rollins had been on a torrid pace of making Raw belong to him. Since becoming Intercontinental Champion at WrestleMania, Rollins has been the face of Monday nights as he's become the hottest name in professional wrestling.

This was something Mark Henry noticed soon after Rollins nabbed his IC title. During Sirius XM's Busted Open Radio, the freshly christened WWE Hall of Famer had high praise for the 31-year old.

"Seth Rollins is, right now, for your money, one of the most exciting guys wrestling. He's getting into that 'great' stratosphere, like beyond elite. He's becoming, dares I say, Hall Of Fame caliber. He's going to be one of the best before it's all said and done with," said Henry.

The wave of adulation has kicked up Universal Championship rumors for Rollins. It may be a little too early to get excited, but some reports have Rollins meeting Brock Lesnar at July's Extreme Rules.


Whether or not that happens remains to be seen. However, if Rollins were to lose at Money in the Bank to Elias, then suddenly The Kingslayer is free for a date with the Beast.