Kurt Angle's Last Minute Decision Backfires on Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose

With help from the dastardly Samoa Joe and a bad decision from Kurt Angle, The Bar retained their RAW Tag Team Championships against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

The match originally ended with Sheamus purposely getting disqualified, but Kurt Angle came out to rectify the rotten situation. The RAW GM restarted the match, but with a no DQ stipulation. Angle's decree sent the raucous Los Angeles crowd into squeals as they were all but certain Rollins and Ambrose would now recapture their tag team gold.

But that's not what happened.

Instead, Samoa Joe slipped into the ring and put some potent offense on both Seth and Dean. This brought out Roman Reigns, who was all too eager to get his hands on Joe. However, Joe would break out of the ring before Roman could touch him. With all of the commotion, Seth Rollins was put on a tee and Brogue Kicked into oblivion.

Reigns was left asking himself what happened, while Ambrose and Rollins attempted to peel themselves off the mat - all while Joe and The Bar scurried for their exit.

This came as quite the swerve as it felt that Ambrose and Rollins would reclaim the tag belts. Yet, it appears that WWE isn't quite done with this storyline and may be looking to get one more Shield match out of 2017's reunion.

For the foreseeable future, Reigns will chase Joe while Rollins and Ambrose will track down The Bar. It smells like a 6-man tag match might be brewing, maybe for the Royal Rumble, but it's a little early to book that one (as fun as it would be).


Regardless, it looks like WWE will compound the stories to make one crowded main event. This is a smart move on their part as it's in their best interest to keep RAW Shield centric. The next few weeks should be quite interesting as WWE has plenty of stories left to tell.