Rumored Reason Behind Pending Death of #RusevDay

After this week's SmackDown, it looks like Lana will execute a plan to emotionally assassinate Aiden English. Fans are already inconsolable about the potential split of #RusevDay as they all ask the same question: Why?

Well, we may have an answer.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE sees more potential in Lana and Rusev as a heel couple than Rusev and English as a mid-card tag team. Even more, Meltzer asserts that Lion of Bulgaria and his bride may be in line for the main event push.

With the demise #RusevDay being in its infantile stages, it's hard to project how all of this plays out. However, Melzter's take seems logical enough.

It would be great to watch Rusev and English become the crown jewel of SmackDown's tag division, but there simply isn't room for them to grow. With The Usos, New Day, and The Bar, WWE flaunts a highly talented group of wreslers—each of them being a well-established tag team. For Rusev and English to advance, they'd have to be regularly beating the teams and that's just not something WWE is ready to justify.


So with nowhere to go, Rusev Day it out. But that doesn't mean it can't be fun.

As mentioned, Lana will be the wedge that drives Rusev and English apart. How this happens is up to WWE, but look for her to start pointing out English's flaws or how he's holding back the Bulgarian Brute. Seeing that Lana is Rusev's wife and truest muse, he'll lend her his ear. And that will officially put English in the crosshairs.