Ronda Rousey Rips Into Bella Twins After WWE Raw Attack

During this week's Monday Night Raw, Ronda Rousey and the Bella Twins claimed a victory over the [...]

During this week's Monday Night Raw, Ronda Rousey and the Bella Twins claimed a victory over the Riott Squad in a six-woman tag match. After the match, Rousey and the twins were celebrating when Nikki and Brie Bella suddenly turned on their friend, attacking Rousey and laying her out on the floor of the ring.

TMZ Sports caught up with Rousey in Los Angeles to get her thoughts on the attack, and the former UFC champion didn't hold back when asked about her former friends.

"I'm new to the industry, I'm trying to make friends and be friendly and show everybody that I'm there to help out and not to steal anybody's thunder or anything like that," Rousey explained alongside her husband, Travis Browne.

"Going down," Browne interjected. "Bella Twins, going down. You barked up the wrong tree."

While Rousey noted that she still feels she can trust fellow WWE Superstar Natalya, but "Nikki Bella, Brie Bella...they're a bunch of untrustworthy b—es," she said.

Rousey will get a chance to take her revenge on the Bellas when she battles Nikki for the Raw Women's Championship during WWE Evolution on Oct. 28, and despite her beef with Nikki, Rousey explained that her concern is focused on the success of the event.

"On one hand you could say that I lost some good friends, but on the other hand, you could say I gained the knowledge that they were never friends," the athlete said. "And now I can use them to benefit the whole women's division."

Of her upcoming match with Nikki, Rousey revealed that she doesn't think she'll give her opponent an easy out.

"The most respectful thing for me to do is to go out and beat her right away," she said. "So I'm not gonna be respectful.

"This is much more personal," she added. "This was a planned attack and I feel embarrassed that they were able to fool me in the first place."

The 31-year-old further elaborated on the Bellas' betrayal in an Instagram post after Raw.

"Dante's Inferno says the innermost circle of hell is reserved for betrayers...That each of Lucifer's three heads gnaw on the greatest sinners of human history," she wrote. "Believe me, [Nikki Bella] [Brie Bella] you'll prefer a relaxing break in the devil's mouth over what's coming for you at Evolution."

The twins explained after the match that the reason they attacked Rousey was because they were tired of The Baddest Woman on the Planet stealing their spotlight.

Brie responded to the interviewer's note that Rousey had been by their side with her own view on the situation, saying, "I mean, been by our side? You mean taking up our space, standing in front of us, taking our shine? Is that what you mean?"

Nikki added, "Brie and I are here for Evolution, but we're here to remind everyone, even Ronda Rousey, that this is a Bella-lution."

Photo Credit: TMZ