Ronda Rousey's Eye Makeup Baffles Social Media

In her brief time in WWE, Ronda Rousey has already split the fanbase. However, there's one thing that Rousey lovers and haters can agree upon: we're concerned about her eye makeup.

On several occasions, Rousey has shown up with a head-scratching red shadow under her eyes. Because she's new, the WWE Universe seemed to let it slide, but they could hold their tongue no more.

Maybe WWE is trying some type of branding tactic. Maybe Rousey should sleep more. Maybe she should switch out her contact lenses. Maybe she should stop wearing Roddy Piper's ramshackle jacket. We don't know, but something needs to change.

We'll cut Rousey some slack, but it may be time to brainstorm better details for her character. Then again, fans and wrestlers alike have routinely mocked AJ Styles' soccer mom haircut, but the WWE Champion has yet to make even a slight alteration.


But who knows, maybe Rousey will have an entire generation of WWE fans rocking questionable makeup.