Roman Reigns Responds to Being Labeled 'Vince's Golden Boy'

WWE made a concerted effort to keep Roman Reigns off of their biggest stages in 2017. But now, The Big Dog has returned to the spotlight, and so have his haters.

It's no secret that WWE is grooming Reigns to be the next face of the company. This fact lead to waves of rejection, as fans feared another decade of monotonous dominance a la John Cena's era. However, Reigns addressed the criticisms of being labeled Vince McMahon's "Golden Boy" in a recent appearance on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast.

"Whether you're somebody who's been in a situation like me, or you're somebody who is new, or has been around for a long time and hasn't gotten the push that everyone thinks they deserve, the bottom-line is—we're all Vince's boys," he said.

A lot of the hate directed at Reigns is exaggerated. Part of being a wrestling fan is having a constant gripe to issue, and the idea of Roman's big push has been rejected more so by mob mentality than logic. While there have certainly been moments where Reigns' opportunities have seemed endless, WWE spent much of 2017 attempting to humanize him. By Reigns staying out of the major championship hunt as well as actually enduring a pay-per-view losing streak, Reigns is nowhere near the "Super Cena" mold that fans fear.

While it certainly appears Reigns has an elevated status, his assurance that "we're all Vince's boys" carried considerable validity. WWE Superstars see themselves as part of a team. Even though things look hyper-individualistic, WWE is still a traveling circus.

"And when it comes down to it, what we do for him and this company, he has a huge respect for that. You couldn't be him and be involved in this business and run it the way he has, if you didn't have the ultimate respect for your performers, for your talent," elaborated Reigns.

Regardless of what Roman or his haters say, he is WWE's top act at the moment, and that fact will only be further cemented at WrestleMania 34. All signs point to Reigns topping Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship, instantly putting The Big Dog on WWE's highest throne.


For Reigns fanbase this can't happen soon enough, but for his haters, April 8th will feel like an enema.

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