Kurt Angle Handcuffs Roman Reigns for First RAW of 2018

WWE continues to swing the gavel on Roman Reigns as The Big Dog will have quite the challenge to begin his 2018 season.

After already being fined for getting physical with a referee and uncorking a gratuitous beat down of Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns finds himself in another precarious situation. Kurt Angle announced on Friday that Reigns is to defends his Intercontinental Championship against Joe but if Roman gets disqualified like he did last week, he'll lose his title.

Now that the odds have been stacked against Reigns, his Intercontinental Championship is officially in jeopardy. However, something tells us that The Big Dog will find a way to keep his belt.

It looks WWE is rolling out the timeless card of placing unjust rules in the way of their top guy. While it may be cliche, it's worked since the beginning of time and WWE is smart to use the tactic as they build Reigns for WrestleMania.


Even thought Reigns is WWE's top guy, he a stark abandonment from their last demigod, John Cena. By Roman getting fined, even if it's just storyline, marks another data point in WWE's attempt to keep him an anti-hero. While he may be getting booked like John Cena circa 2010, Reigns is a vastly different character than the bright colors of Cena.