Roman Reigns Names Himself Number One Contender

As soon as we all plopped down to watch RAW, Roman Reigns' music hit. The Big Dog entered mostly to boos but when he took the microphone we were all ready to listen.

Thanks to the WWE propaganda machine, we knew that Roman was due to make a big SummerSlam announcement.

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Reign's promo was pure heel. It was the first time Reigns' delivery lacked any babyface tones. Was it a heel turn? No, but an interesting development.

After running down his competition, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, and the legendary Undertaker, it was time for Roman's big announcement.

Reigns stated that because this is his yard, that he is the number one contender for SummerSlam. As soon as he finished his sentence, Samoa Joe's music hit.

Naturally, the two had beef, because as Joe pointed out, Roman has never beaten him. So as far as Joe was concerned, Roman's case for being the self-proclaimed Number one contender was laughable

Reigns then stripped Joe of his Samoan heritage and claimed he would refuse to acknowledge that Joe is actually Samoan.

Those were fighting words.

The two immediately brawled each getting their licks. Reigns, naurrally, hit the Super Man Punch and things dissolved from there.


As soon as we returned from commercial break the news came out that Samoa Joe vs. Roman Reign will close tonight's show.

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