Braun Strowman is the Last Man Standing After Help From Samoa Joe on RAW

Braun Strowman defeated Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing Match to close tonight's episode of RAW.

While he did his fair share of damage, his win was ultimately delivered by Samoa Joe. After Reigns hit a cataclysmic spear on the ramp, Joe snuck from the stands and slipped the coquina clutch onto the Big Dog. In a few moments, Reigns was out and Storwman climbed to his feet just before the referee counted to 10.

This match could not have been better. These two continue to build their case for the best feud of 2017 as they added yet another grueling match to their resumè. Tonight's slug fest saw tables smashed and LED screens dented, but nothing was more remarkable than Braun Strowman launching a rolling chair into Roman Reigns' face.

The usage of Joe tonight was perfect. This close to SummerSlam, no one should be winning cleanly. That said, apparently, Romana Reigns just missed the e cut off as he dominated last week's triple threat. Anyway, WWE installed another good chapter in the march towards SummerSlam.

While a Fatal 4-Way may feel like a shortcut to get everyone involved, WE simply had no other choice. All of these men deserve to be in Summerslam's main event.


This Fatal 4- Way with steamy precedent. Roman Reigns and Strowman have been trying to kill one another for all of 2017. Joe and Lesnar have been in a blood feud since June. And Brock and Roman still have unfinished business from their WrestleMania 31 match. It seems like WWE will have to go out of their way to screw up this finish.

SummerSlam's Fatal-4way makes for old school showcase of monsters that made WWE what it is today. There may not be enough canvas in the ring to support a match between those four behemoths. It seems parody is at an all time high with Lesnar flirting with UFC again. This means that every one of these guys is an option to leave Summerslam as Universal Champion. Even better, there is no clear favorite. And when we have to resort to guessing, that's when wrestling is at its finest.