Ric Flair Booked to Star in Multiple Films

The Nature Boy is headed to the silver screen!

Entertainment site The Wrap reported earlier this week that Flair has signed on for the upcoming R-rated dramedy "Uncle Steamrolle & Champion Rabbit.

According to the site, Flair's character will be "the president of the World Wrestling Union, a Las Vegas syndicate that owns the wrestling tour on which the titular Uncle Steamroller attempts to stage his comeback."

The titular character, Uncle Steamroller, is "a dejected Iraq war veteran who struggles to regain his pro heavyweight wrestling championship while being managed by a failed motivational speaker," according to The Wrap. No actor has signed on to play him as of yet.

"I really like this wonderfully written script and find it to be very entertaining," Flair said in an interview with the site. "The edgy sense of humor is great, but the story also has a good heart. I'm expecting the inspirational story line will appeal to fans that extend beyond my loyal core wrestling base, and I am seriously looking forward to getting this film in front of worldwide audiences. Wooooooooooooooooo!"

Brian Kowalchuk, the film's writer and supervising producer, said in an interview he's thrilled to have Flair on board.

"It's really cool to have the fabulously talented Ric Flair on board and we are super-thrilled," Kowalchuk told The Wrap. "I tried to write something fresh and bold; and put a lot of work into it," Kowalchuk added. "Even so, I think I might've gotten a bit lucky because it seems like maybe it could find a good audience. Especially considering it's R-rated material."

But that's not all for the 16-time world champion. According to PWInsider, Flair will play himself in the upcoming cop drama Easter. The film centers around a retired detective fighting to save his family and reputation, and stars Glenn Close and Carl Weathers as its headliners.

Flair has starred in a number of television shows and films over the years, usually playing himself. His filmography includes an guest roles on Baywatch, Stuff You Should Know, Uncle Grandpa and Magic Mike XXL.

Flair made headlines multiple times in the past month, first when he picked his 2018 version of The Four Horsemen.

"The first guy I would take is Dolph Ziggler," Flair said. "The second guy would be Seth Rollins. The third guy would be, let me think, Horsemen... that requires a lot. You gotta be good at what you do be able to enjoy life. Let me think: Seth... God, I haven't had too much fun with him, but I'm sure he'd be great — Roman Reigns. Yeah, Roman's a trooper. Gotta be careful with what I say, because (laughs) God forbid anybody have any fun anymore. And, let me think. Uh, oh God, he would run from me but Randy Orton for sure."


The second times was when Flair publicly endorsed the return of Hulk Hogan to the WWE.

"We look forward to that," Flair told TMZ.