Ric Flair Buries The WWE Cruiserweight Division

Not even a week back and Ric Flair is up to his old dirty tricks. This time, however, the tricks may not be just for show. On the latest episode of The Ric Flair Show, Ric praised his daughter and Sasha Banks' latest round of matches, but couldn't help himself from taking a dig at the newest edition to the RAW brand, the cruiserweights.

"I hate to say it, I have so much respect for the cruiserweights as athletes, but it's not what I'm looking for. It's not what I look for to watch. I just feel like, first of all, [Charlotte] is a better athlete than the cruiserweights. Does that make sense? The cruiserweights are great, they're athletic, really nice guys, but they can't have a match better than Sasha and Charlotte."

Now, why would he need to compare them to Sasha and Charlotte? Setting the bar at a women's match not only degrades the cruiserweights but also degrades the women. The comment insinuates that first, women can't have a match the same quality as the men on the main roster, and second that the cruiserweight men are even below that.

The truth is that most of the non-cruiserweight roster can't have a match on par with Sasha and Charlotte. That's why those two women have been main eventing for the past few months.

After being shoved into one meaningless six man tag match after another, all of the shine gained from the Cruiserweight Classic has been wiped off the division since joining RAW after the brand split. Last week on the WWE Network's 205 Live, some of that prestige seemed to be coming back.

It's no secret that the rebirth of the Cruiserweight division is Triple H's brainchild. I wonder what The Game will think about his old mentor running them into the ground only one week after Flair signed a new contract with the WWE.


Do you agree with the Nature Boy or think his comments were completely out of line?

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