Report: Two WWE Superstars Involved in Backstage Brawl

A backstage brawl has broken out between two WWE Superstars. Wrestlezone is reporting that WWE wrestlers Chris Jericho and Sin Cara got into a locker room fight earlier today, assumably at the Raw Live event in Leeds, England. At this time, it's unknown who started the fight or what caused it, but insiders claim that Sin Cara "won" the confrontation.

The fight is interesting as both Jericho and Sin Cara were involved with backstage incidents earlier this year. Jericho reportedly confronted Brock Lesnar at Summerslam after Lesnar left Randy Orton bleeding and concussed at the end of their main event match.

Sin Cara was also reportedly involved in a fight with Simon Gotch of the Vaudevillains earlier this year and has allegedly fought several other WWE wrestlers backstage, including Sheamus over the years.

jericho sin cara
(Photo: WWE/2K Studios)

Wrestlezone's Justin LaBar alluded on Twitter that Sin Cara didn't have the leverage backstage to escape potential consequences, as he was a "repeat offender" and not particularly high in the WWE's pecking order. While Jericho has also had his share of backstage incidents, he's a respected veteran, a proven draw, and has a long history at the WWE. Jericho is also due to leave shortly to record an album for his metal band Fozzy.


It's unclear whether the incident will affect WWE's current plans for either wrestlers. Jericho is currently partnered with WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens, while Sin Cara has recently been involved with the newly formed Cruiserweight division.