Randy Orton's Daughter Receives Cutest Triple Powerbomb of All Time

Randy Orton Daughter

Younger siblings of WWE fans have it rough. No matter how old they are, their older brothers and sisters will simulate Tombstones, Rock Bottoms, and RKO's every time Mom isn't looking. But no one may have it worse than Randy Orton's 1-year old daughter, Brooklyn Rose.

Orton uploaded a video on his Instagram that saw his infant daughter on the wrong end of a triple powerbomb. Instead of the Shield, the assailants were Kimberly Kessler's (Orton's wife), three sons. Fortunately, instead of an announce table, the boys used a pillow for Brooklyn's safe landing.


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Most homemade wrestling videos are worth skipping, but this one had not only the supervision of a 13-time champion and above average production value. So, without these creations, don't powerbomb your little sister.