WWE Star Getting His Own Game Show

WWE has green-lit a new WWE Network series starring R-Truth, PWInsider.com has confirmed with multiple sources.

"WWE secretly filmed a pilot for what would be the Network's first-ever game show with Truth as the host back in March and we are told the series has been picked up for a first season."

The pilot was filmed in March, but no other specific details- such as a name or scheduled guests- have been given for the show at this time. The timetable for its debut is reportedly late Summer or early Fall of 2017. However, that may only be the airing of the show's pilot episode, depending on current production schedule.

Past WWE Network originals led by Superstar talent such as Holey Foley and Legends House have stuck to the reality tv format, and more recent additions animation (WWE Storytime, Camp WWE), candid interview (Table for 3, Unfiltered with Renee Young), or sketch/situational comedy (Ride Along, Swerved). Surprisingly, this new show will be the service's first foray into the game show format.


Though perhaps an unconventional pick from the stable of talent, R-Truth is actually a perfect choice to host such a venture, which should prove a perfect vehicle for the veteran Superstar to showcase his comedic timing. With Truth at the reigns, viewers can likely expect a program closer to The Gong Show than Jeopardy.