Paul Heyman On Why CM Punk Left WWE

Perhaps nothing in recent WWE history has been subject to more speculation that CM Punk's sudden departure from the company. Podcasts, lawsuits, and ex-wrestlers have all added their own layer to the narrative and at this point, not much is clear. However, what if we heard an account from someone who has known Punk for 20 years? Someone who is still in WWE today?

Well, that's exactly what we have. In an interview with Between the Ropes, Paul Heyman was asked why CM Punk left WWE. Per usual, Heyman gave a thorough and thoughtful answer:

"What do I think of him walking out? He wasn't happy anymore and if you know what drives Phil Brooks more than anything is that he's an overachiever, because he would look at things where he was not physically capable of doing and look at things he was not born to do and that he was not bred to do, that wasn't on the cards for him to achieve and that's what motivated him to defy the odds at all times. So there came a time where he didn't have that passion anymore for WWE and when you get to that point you have two options. You can stay and be miserable or you get out and you chase something else that really entices your passion, so he got out. And now he's pursuing something that makes him happy. Whether it makes me happy or you happy or the rest of the world happy, it doesn't really matter. It makes him happy. At the end of the day it's a decision that he made on his own behalf and if that's what he wants then god-bless him, I hope he finds happiness in it."

What's wrong with the pursuit of happiness? Wrestlers have never been shy about the grueling lifestyle of a WWE Superstar. The demanding, near 365-day schedule on top of the physically taxing job of professional wrestling can break down any good man. Maybe Punk knew he hand nothing left to give and his presence would only bring a negative.

With all of this said, will we ever see Punk back in WWE?

It's not news to say CM Punk and WWE are at odds. Each side has contributed a litany of transgressions against the other, with both Punk and WWE swearing that the other side is at fault. Egos have been cracked, feelings have been hurt, and attorneys have been called. It's a mess. But, wrestlers with worse histories have made their prodigal return to WWE soil.

CM Punk's name has been oddly relevant of late. Perhaps it's because seemingly every ex-wrestler has his own podcast and they know the quickest route to listener's hearts is to have an opinion on CM Punk.


Even further, the actual institution, WWE, has apparently loosened its stance on Punk's potential return. Maybe The Rock calling him from RAW's ring wasn't so spontaneous, after all. Most belive that punk will make his return when he's ready. For WWE, they love a good return, so when Punk comes to them, they'll be ready to hug.