Watch: Paige and Sasha Banks Get Emotional About Women's Royal Rumble

WWE sent us all to bed with goosebumps after Stephanie McMahon announced the first ever Women's Royal Rumble to close RAW. But for Paige and Sasha Banks, they likely fell asleep with tears in their eyes.

Following WWE's big announcement, social media blew up. Fans and WWE Superstars alike took to Twitter to express their over spilling excitement for the women of WWE. But for Paige and Banks, they both had backstage interviews and couldn't voice their gratification without crying. It was awesome.

Considering Paige aptly named herself the Anti-Diva and that Sasha Banks is the female reincarnation of Bret Hart, the case could be made that these 2 Superstars are the Women's Revolution most vital contributors.

As it should, Monday night clearly meant the world to this pair as they have seemingly dedicated their career to refurbishing the image of women's wrestling. Now that women have finally been given a market share of WWE's most sacred ground (the Rumble) it is a matter of time till they main event a WrestleMania.