Paige Receives Encouragement From WWE Superstars in Light of Tough News

Facing a heartbreaking premature retirement, Paige is doing her best to combat the tough news with optimism. And WWE Superstars are eager to support her fight.

Over the weekend, news broke that WWE informed Paige that her in-ring career was finished. In the days that followed Paige has been active on social media by making several self-motivating posts. Her latest caught the eyes thousands of fans as well as few WWE personalities.

It didn't take long for her wrestling peers to stand behind the Anti-Diva.

Despite the reports of Paige being told she's done wrestling, it appears that she is mounting a protest of sorts. Her situation could parallel the limbo of Daniel Bryan who despite getting clearance from multiple doctors is still not allowed to wrestle in WWE. However, even before her latest injury, Paige's doctor advised her to stop wrestling. Unfortunately, his advice looks more like a morbid prophecy now, but Paige may still want to wrestle.

WWE has already ruled her out of the Women's Royal Rumble, citing the neck injury, but there has been no confirmation from them or Paige about her career actually ending. It's likely that WWE is still formulating a plan on how to handle the situation. Reports claim that Paige is well liked backstage and WWE plans to keep her around in a non-wrestling role. However, given her actions on social media, that may not be something she's interested in.


We're likely in the earliest chapters of this saga, but from our current vantage it doesn't look like Paige will wrestle again in WWE. For a multitude of reasons, Vince McMahon and Co. have become increasingly conservative in their protocol concerning wrestler's health. Given that Paige was already advised to stop wrestling before the fateful Sasha Banks kick, it's unlikely that any doctor will clear her for future competition.

This is a situation destined to be fluid and we'll keep you posted as things develop. In the meantime, there's nothing wrong with sending a little support Paige's way!.