NXT Fan Gets Kicked in the Face After Jumping Into Match

NXT fan
(Photo: @AlanBlackRhyno)

Fortunately, most WWE fans no longer need to be reminded to "not try this at home." However, maybe WWE needs to issue a warning that says "Do Not Try This Here, Either."

Last night at an NXT Live Event in Tampa, FL a fan jumped the guardrail and into a match. He was met with rightful aggression by NXT Superstar, Kyle O'Reilly and the bottom of his boot. O'Reilly, an active participant in jiu-jitsu and kickboxing did not hesitate to flash his skills.

Social media flooded with images and videos of the incident. If you've ever thought about interfering in a WWE match, take a good look at the footage. It does not end well. It never has. You will not be the exception who is greeted by the open arms of your favorite WWE Superstars. You will get hurt, and quite possibly arrested. One more time; don't do it.

Even further, the fan rushed into a 6-man tag team with Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish facing off against Heavy Machinery and Kassius Ohno. If he really wanted his moment of glory, he should have waited for a one-on-one match.


We're kidding, as the result likely would have been the same for him, but unfortunately this just the latest example of stupidity from fans. Hopefully, his misguided sacrifice will be a lesson to anyone who ever thought about becoming a surprise WWE Superstar.