Nikki Bella Throws Shade at Ronda Rousey's WWE Arrival

Ronda Rousey's big Royal Rumble moment has the entire sports world talking. However, not all of the chatter is favorable.

After her surprise appearance at Sunday's Rumble, Ronda Rousey gave a transparent interview about her long-awaited WWE arrival and the impact of the first ever Women's Royal Rumble. However, Nikki Bella didn't approve of Rousey being the spokesperson for a historical match she had nothing to do with.

Here's the interview with Rousey:

And here's Nikki Bella chiming in with some potent passive aggression.

"Wonder what all the 30 other women candid thoughts were too? N."

But Nikki wasn't the only Superstar who was ready to roll their eyes at WWE's Rousey bias. Nia Jax also had a salty thought to share.

"Cool, she's here....I guess 30 women making history can just be forgotten."

Before we launch our fan fiction that makes Rousey a pariah within the Women's locker room, remember that Nikki and Nia could be using this as an opportunity. If they insult Rousey on Twitter, maybe that could spark a match, maybe not, but it already has us talking.


However, while there is plenty of room for this to be labeled as pure "show business," it's not hard to imagine the women of WWE being cold on Rousey's arrival. Instead of the first ever Women's Royal Rumble being about Asuka and the pursuit of equality for women Superstars, everyone is talking about Rousey. While that no fault of the former UFC champion's it's still a thing and one that is guaranteed to linger.

Animosity towards Rousey is not a new thing with the women of WWE. Sasha Banks got cranky about the prospects of Rousey getting in the ring, and Aleza Biss was all but dismissive about Rousey being a peer. In the end, Rousey will make everyone in WWE more money but look to this competition without the women's division to only get juicier.