Why Nia Jax is Currently Disgruntled in WWE

Originally it looked like Nia Jax staged her own walkout, like Neville, as a result of being frustrated with WWE. The hysteria died down when it was revealed that WWE granted her a temporary leave. However, that doesn't mean that everything is cool between the two sides.

While we still do not know why Jax asked for a break, reports are coming out that she is highly frustrated by her recent creative direction in WWE. Even more, SI.com asserts that Jax is also irritated by her pay scale. SI insinuates that because of her relation to The Rock (they're cousins) that Jax possesses leverage that most WWE Superstars do not.

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Originally, it was supposed to be Jax and Sasha Banks at this Sunday's TLC However because of Jax's hiatus, Banks is taking on Alicia Fox on the pay-per-view's pre-show. However, Jax apparently felt that she was deserving of the highly coveted Asuka match, according to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer Radio.

"I know Nia Jax has been unhappy about things," Alvarez said "I was told that Nia wanted the match with Asuka at TLC pay-per-view — she's not getting it. God bless her, I've seen that match live… I don't wanna see it at the pay-per-view. There were other things she was unhappy about but everybody gets unhappy all sorts of things," he explained.

Jax's booking has been confusing, to say the least. Not long ago, Jax fond herself at the top of WWE discussion after turning on Alexa Bliss. However just a few weeks later, the two were friendly once again in a backstage segment. This odd reconciliation seems to have killed Jax's push for the Raw women's Championship as well as an opportunity to tell a compelling story.

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We're just speculating here, but most of this has to stem from WWE's preoccupation with the arrival of Asuka. While the NXT legends are certainly worthy of being a priority for WWE, it seems that the company has already begun neglecting it's women's' division in order to facilitate the Empress of Tomorrow. Neglecting talent is hardly an indictable offense but if this pattern continues then WWE may undo the novel progress of the Women's Revolution.

Jax will be returning soon than later and likely with more emphasis on her character.