Nia Jax and Enzo Amore Continue to Flirt on Twitter

Last night, Enzo Amore did his best to fire up the 'Zo Train with a rousing speech, but instead he may have ignited a romance with Nia Jax.

Just as Enzo's disciples made their exit, Nia stepped into the frame looking all too thirsty. Flashing an enchanting smile and flirtatious wink, Nia hardly mixed signals when it came to expressing her interest in Enzo vibes. Without a word, Nia cast a spell on Enzo that somehow made him speechless.

After thinking it over, Enzo took to Twitter to toss out a little bait for Nia. Needless to say, she looks to have accepted Enzo's greasy courtship.

It certainly appears that Nia and Enzo are on track to become an item. Maybe we're ahead of ourselves, but the image of their first on-screen kiss just sent shivers down our spine. Despite making most fans shutter, this is a budding romance that will keep us all from changing the channel.

WWE tried a romance angle with Enzo not long ago as he attempted to drive a wedge in Rusev and Lana's marriage. That fizzled out quickly but now that Nia Jax is in the picture, it seems that WWE is insisting on the Cruiserweight Champion having a love interest.


For Nia, it looks like WWE is consciously keeping her away from Asuka and Absolution or at least saving that interaction for a bigger date. So in the interim, it seems all too likely that she'll be getting frisky with the Cruiserweight champ.

This could be good, or at least so bad it's good. Regardless, we can't wait to see what happens next, even if it disturbs us.