Nia Jax Had a Hilarious Botch on RAW

Monday's match between Bayley and Nia Jax although uneventful when on air, has proven to serve as a launching pad for one of WWE's biggest stories this week. Bayley left the match injured and will likely miss SummerSlam. But to keep from crying here's something to laugh about.

During the contest, Nia Jax went for an elbow that would have flattened Bayley. Signals got crossed and Bayley, a la the Undertaker, sat up and Nia elbow dropped the mat:

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Wrestling is harder than it looks.

Yesterday we reported that it looked like Bayley suffered a shoulder injury in her Monday Night Raw match with Nia Jax. It was uncertain whether she was doing a great job of "selling" or if the WWE Superstar was actually hurt.

Well, unfortunately, it looks like the latter.

WWE released near soul-crushing footage of Bayley receiving medical attention after her match:

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Here's WWE's statement on the matter.

"During her match with Nia Jax on the July 31 edition of Raw, Bayley suffered an injury to her right shoulder," the statement said.

"The former Raw Women's Champion was evaluated by medical personnel, but the official diagnosis was inconclusive due to the amount of swelling involved. Bayley has been told to rest the shoulder until next week, at which point doctors are hopeful that the swelling will have sufficiently gone down so that she may be reevaluated and a firm verdict can be reached," the statement added.

"Everything just tensed up around it," Bayley told shortly after her match on Monday night. "I've never had an injury like this before, so I can't really know what it is. I guess we're gonna see."

"We've determined the injury is shoulder-related, and she will be going under further diagnostic testing later this week to determine the extent of the injury and also establish a timetable for recovery," said Dr. Chris Amann.


None of this sounds good — all signs point to this being a significant injury. For now, the most we can hope is that Bayley can avoid surgery, as it appears her SummerSlam match with Alexa Bliss is out of the question. Hopefully, Bayley can turn this monumental setback into a career-making positive.

First guesses have Sasha Banks stepping into Bayley's place at SummerSlam. For many, this was the match WWE should have booked in the first place, as there's been plenty of grumbling that Banks and the RAW Women's Champion do not care for another in real life.