Natalya Reportedly on Verge of Heel Turn

If we've learned anything from WWE, any pair of wrestlers who claim their best friends will undoubtedly become mortal enemies.

Ronda Rousey and Natalya will not escape this principle.

It's hardly a deductive accomplishment to point out their friendship is doomed, but it may be happening relatively soon, possibly at this Sunday's Money in the Bank.

Sean Ross of Fightful noticed a discrepancy on Nattie's "injured" knee on RAW this week.

While this could easily be an oversight by WWE's production team, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer believes this is an inconsistency that Ronda Rousey will eventually expose.

Recent weeks have seen Nia Jax and Rousey compete for Nattie's loyalty, with Rousey earning the more fruitful relationship. However, since they started acting friendly, Natalya's betrayal has been inevitable.

This all ties into Rousey's title match this Sunday. Simply by being the match, Rousey has started a debate among wrestling fans, but if her first televised singles match earns her WWE gold, some folks will be upset. Now, booing fans is something Vince McMahon has shrugged off for decades, in the end, this is his company and he will do as he pleases. However, it's not Rousey as champion that has fans ready to sharpen their pitchfork, it's the timing of it all.

The staunchest of Rousey detractors have likely made the concession that Rousey will be given opportunities that simply wouldn't be extended to other stars. But her winning the Championship with only 1 televised match to her name feels a little 2001 WCW. She will be champion one day, why rush to such a big moment?


I'll guess the plan is to have her lose via the secret wrath of Natalya, or the perpetually corrupt Stephanie McMahon. A DQ finish is just as likely, but it's also the most conservative option. But her actually losing the match because of interference instantly unleashes Scowling Ronda, and that's that version of Rousey we will all happily pay to see.

Regardless, Sunday will be interesting. But here's a wild outcome to put $5 on, Natalya (the current betting favorite) becomes Ms. Money in the Bank. Rousey pins Jax and during her coronation, Natalya cashes-in, and they feud through SummerSlam.