After Horrifying Botch, Mick Foley Begs Sasha Banks to Ban Dangerous Move

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Whenever Asuka steps into the ring with an opponent, her fans customarily chant "Asuka's gonna kill you." However, in her Monday Night RAW match with the first ever Women's Royal Rumble winner, Sasha Banks did her best to kill herself.

In her efforts to best Asuka, Banks tried an aerial assault - the Suicide Dive. But instead of bombing herself on the Empress of Tomorrow, Banks but had one of the scarier crash landings you'll see in WWE. As talented as Banks is, she's notoriously bad at diving outside of the ring. And last night's botch was the last straw for WWE's favorite masochist, Mick Foley.

As irony has it, the hardcore icon says it's time for Banks to avoid the dangerous move.

Fans were quick to call Foley a hypocrite as he's infamously taken some of the nastiest bumps in the history of wrestling. While they may appear valid, they aren't. A lot of Foley's character depended on him taking punishment, a rough gimmick to maintain. However, Banks is only 26, attractive, talented, and probably the future of WWE's women's division.

For Foley, OMG moments were hazards of a brutal character, but for Banks, they are just unnecessary.


The Suicide Dive Banks attempted has become a regular part of WWE as Superstars like Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose seem to use them every match. While we admire Banks' courage, it's probably time to bury the move forever. Sure it's cool, but being alive is significantly better.