Maury Povich Wants WWE's Rusev, Maria and Mike Kanellis to Do Paternity Test on His Show

Maury Povich is known for having dramatic paternity test results on his talk show. So when he saw the drama between WWE stars Maria and Mike Kanellis and Rusev when it comes to who is the father of Maria's unborn child, he invited the trio on the Maury show to solve the issue. On last week's episode of Raw, Maria had a gender reveal party and it was announced she is having a boy, however, she dropped a bomb and told Mike that he is not father and it was fellow superstar Ricochet. Mike challenged Ricochet to a match and ended up losing. Maria then revealed that Rusev is the "real" father and that led to a match between the two which Mike yet again lost.

"Maria, Mike, Rusev! No need to fight it out in the ring," Povich said in a video. "If you're looking for a paternity test, give us a call."

Rusev has been off WWE television for several months, so fans were surprised to see him make his return. As for what happened on Raw this week when it comes to the storyline, Rusev made no mention of it. The 33-year old has been a part of WWE since 2010 but made his debut on the main roster in 2014. Since then, Rusev has been the United States Champion three times and he has a Slammy Award for Match of the Year in 2014.

The Kanellis couple made their way back to WWE television after signing multi-year deals back in July according to Maria started her career in 2004 when she took part in WWE's Divas search. During her first run in the WWE, Maria never won a championship and she then moved to Ring of Honor in 2011. She was with ROH for four years while doing work with other promotions and then moved to New Japan Wrestling in 2015 and then to TNA in 2016. Kanellis returned to the WWE in 2017 and she became the first pregnant 24/7 Champion earlier this year.

Mike married Maria in 2014 and they already have one child together. Mike has been wrestling since 2002 but made his WWE debut in 2017. The only championship Mike has won during his time in the WWE is the 24/7 championship which he has won twice.


We should find out if Rusev is or isn't the father very soon.