Did 'Broken' Matt Hardy Just Debut on RAW?

Ever since the Hardy's made their bombastic return to WWE at WrestleMania 33, we've all been asking the same question: Will they ever be BROKEN? After months of rumors, ceaseless teasing, and a nasty barrage of legal undertones it looks like Matt Hardy has finally reached his breaking point.

After a tough loss to Bray Wyatt on RAW, the WWE cameras locked in on a downtrodden Matt Hardy. After a guttural yell, Hardy broke into his famed "DELETE" gesture and the display would only pick up steam. The Knoxville, TN crowd chanted with each chop as they summoned the beloved character to finally step into the world of WWE. By the looks of it, Matt Hardy is officially BROKEN.

For devout Hardy fans, this is a moment of catharsis they'll never forget. Hardy transcended wrestling culture when he and brother Jeff created the Broken personas while still at Impact/GFW. Their unique characters quickly became the most meme-able things on the internet as they supplied some of the quirkiest moments professional wrestling has seen in some time.

To Matt's credit, he has displayed an undying commitment not only to get the Borken character in WWE but to keep him as relevant as possible that last part proved to b tricky as Hardy was legally compromised by his old employers at Impact. Even though the Broken Character was Hardy's idea, the intellectual property technically belonged to Impact. This distinction kept the Hardy's Broken characters all but dead while on WWE characters.

But alas, Hardy has prevailed. while WWE was careful to declare too much, this was a clear deviation from the Matt Hardy that's been on TV as of late.


This could be a lot of fun.