Matt Hardy Comments On Billy Corgan and TNA-Impact Fallout

The latest development in his ongoing twitter feud and legal battle with Impact Wrestling, Matt [...]

The latest development in his ongoing twitter feud and legal battle with Impact Wrestling, Matt Hardy spoke out yesterday via Twitter regarding the now *obsolete* partnership between Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan and TNA/Impact, as well as the company's current management under Anthem Sports' Ed Nordholm.

Hardy expressed disappointment that Billy Corgan did not retain control of the company, mourning what could have been. The tag legend's sentiments echo his brother Jeff, who has previously stated they may not have left the company had Corgan stayed on as .

Hardy goes on to criticize Impact's relationship with current owner Anthem Sports' Ed Nordholm, which he feels unfairly benefits GFW (Jeff Jarrett's company Global Force Wrestling) at the expense of TNA, both financially and in terms of quality of the company's product.

This is hardly the first time Matt has made derogatory public comments about Nordholm, Anthem Sports or the current Impact product. As previously reported, his wife Reby has also joined in the fray via Twitter.

The undisputed breakout stars of TNA's late renaissance, the Hardy family parted ways with Impact Wrestling following a period of upheaval within the company, returning to the WWE in April. They've since remained entangled in a battle with the Impact/Anthem over the rights to their characters and intellectual property.

Billy Corgan is well-known in the wrestling industry for more than just his music. A long-time fan and promoter (he co-founded Resistance Pro Wrestling in 2011), the rocker recently purchased the rights and trademark to legendary wrestling promotion The NWA (National Wrestling Alliance). But this acquisition comes in the wake of Corgan's split with TNA/Impact, which Corgan attempted to purchase in late 2016. Within weeks of assuming leadership of then-struggling TNA, he sued the company for nondisclosure of its tax debts and financial standing, eventually reaching a settlement that allowed his separation and full buyout of his share in the company.

Impact Wrestling filed for trademark over the Broken Hardy universe just last week, whereas Hardy previously applied to trademark the characters in March. And while the characters did first appear in TNA, the Hardy family also used them regularly on the independent scene and in social media prior to the feud, without any litigation- but have yet to adopt the "Broken condition" in televised WWE product since.

Although it remains to be seen what Billy Corgan will do with the NWA brand, many wrestlers- including the Hardys- peak positively in regards to his ability to lead a wrestling company.